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Ltd Myllyn Paras

The enterprise on manufacture flour and cereals production.
Myllyn Paras of joint-stock company makes, sells and
delivers on the market a flour, flakes, groats and
macaroni, and also свежезамороженное dough and
confectionery. Our two factories are located in
Hjuvinkjaja in Finland, and one in Moscow Region
(Domodedovsky area, an industrial zone of Zhitnevo) in

At one factory in Finland the flour, flakes is made, groats
and macaroni, and another specialize on the frozen
products. At factory in Moscow Region porridges with
fruit are made and various kinds of flakes are packed up.
Staff Myllyn Paras consists more than of hundred

Myllyn Paras of joint-stock company processes 75 000
tons of grain every year. Moreover, we regularly develop
and we modify assortment of production Myllyn Paras and
we search for new ways of use of a various kind of grain.

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Company contact information
Country: RUSSIA
City: Domodedovsky area, industrial zone of Zhitnevo
Address: 142033 Moscow Region, Domodedovsky area, industrial zone of Zhitnevo, p. 1, building 2B
Phone: + 7 (495) 642-93-46
Mobile phone: + 7 (985) 7782740
Fax: + 7 (495) 6429346
URL address: http://myllynparasforbusiness.ru
Contact person: Lee Helena
Position: Manager

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